Party Hats Rules


The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner! Points are gained from playing musical instruments, wearing party hats, singing tributes, grabbing spoons, waving your arms around, scorekeeping, and card effects.


This game requires internet access with speakers. The player whose device is being used for this purpose is the beat dropper. The beat dropper sets their device to to find the Fun Button music player. The above QR code can be used to go directly to the website.

Put the deck of cards in the middle of the table. Put a number of spoons in the middle of the table equal to one less than the number of players. Give each player a spinning noisemaker. Put the rest of the instruments in the middle of the table. Also, put the party hats and horse mask in the middle of the table. All objects should be placed so they are not touching each other, and each player can reach the objects.

Select by fair means a player to be the scorekeeper and give that player the pad and pencil. Select by fair means a player to be the dealer for the first round.


Each turn is divided into four phases: Deal, Turns, Actions, Score, and Play.

  • Deal

    The dealer shuffles the all the cards together and offers them to the player on their right to cut the deck. The dealer the passes one card to each player face down; starting with the player on their left and proceeding clockwise. Players may only look at their own card. When the dealer is done passing out the cards, the beat dropper starts the music by clicking on the fun button on the website (to stop the audio, and when begining a new round, please click the button just below the "Fun Button").

  • Turns

    Starting with the player left of the dealer and proceeding clockwise, each player takes a turn. On their turn, a player may either swap their card for a card an opponent has; or may pass. This continues until the music says “DO SOMETHING SILLY!”

  • Actions

    As soon as the music starts saying “DO SOMETHING SILLY!” each player tries to get a spoon. A player may not grab more than one spoon. Once all the spoons are gone, each player may simultaneously take actions until the music stops. Actions players may take are: wave their arms around, play any instruments they have, and sing tributes about themselves or the other players.

  • Score

    Starting with the player left of the dealer and proceeding clockwise, each player gains points for each unique action they took. Playing an instrument more than once, or playing two or more of the same type of instrument, or singing multiple tributes, etc. are not unique and only count as one action. Each player also gains a point if they have one spoon. If a player has multiple spoons, they lose one point for each spoon instead and they get the horse mask. Each player gains a point is they are wearing one or more party hats. The scorekeeper gets one point for being the scorekeeper. Any player with the horse mask loses one point. Each player tells the scorekeeper how many points they gained and the scorekeeper records it.

  • Play

    If the card swap during the final turn of the round is incomplete, complete it. Then, starting with the player left of the dealer and proceeding clockwise, each player plays their card and does what the card says. If any points are gained or lost from cards, the scorekeeper records it. If a card tells a player to get an object and there is one on the table, they must get the object that is on the table. If the object is not on the table, the player gets the object from another player.

    At the end of the round, if any player has thirty or more points, the game ends and the player with the most points is the winner! If two or more players are tied with the most points, the player wearing the horse mask is the winner! Otherwise, return all spoons to the middle of the table, the player to the left of the dealer becomes the new dealer, and the next round begins.